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MotoLegends Photoshoot in the South of France

Photoshoot – MotoLegends – South of France

It was a very convenient timing that I was in the South of France at the same time as Will White last week. He was there photographing Moto Legends‘ new catalogue collection and before I knew it, I was roped into assisting him with the set. We were situated in the most idyllic of locations, […]

Food Photography in Manchester for Deliveroo

Lately, I have been quite occupied with food photography shooting in the Farnborough area, documenting takeaway food for Deliveroo through Splento. Having had some hiccups and mostly successes at doing these jobs, I volunteered to complete the 60 remaining restaurants in the Manchester area that were due to be completed for the 8th of May. […]

Photoshoot – Fencing Tournament with Splento

I accepted a sports photography session with Splento to shoot a fencing tournament at Whitgift School. Having not been to the location before or documented this kind of event before I was unsure of what lens I would need to work with. Long or Wide? While I had hired in a telephoto lens from FatLlama […]

Photoshoot – Corporate Event with Splento

While for many months in Barcelona I had been seeking out work local to me, I had eventually to make the tough decision to move away. However, this is not to say that I was without any leads or contacts. Months prior, I had contacted Splento to be a location-based photographer, unfortunately, I didn’t get […]