Securing WordPress

Google and Security Why is it time to be securing wordpress? Google is now ranking sites lower which don’t use HTTPS to secure their sites, and that includes sites that don’t handle sensitive data. Which could mean less traffic to your site! Additionally some customers at Development Matters have been alarmed that their wordpress websites… Continue reading Securing WordPress

MySQL changing WordPress to UTF-8

Preface to changing WordPress to UTF-8 Recently a WordPress database was changed to UTF-8. Changing the database character encoding was easy.  However, the content of the database now showed strange and erroneous characters. The Patch To repair this, the following SQL code (bellow) was made to fix the wrong characters.  It uses regular expression to replace the… Continue reading MySQL changing WordPress to UTF-8

Vertically Align on Variable Height objects

Vertically Align the Navigation… Recently a client requested a change in their company portfolio navigation.  I thought on the outset this would be easy. However, it wasn’t quite easy as I had hoped. To cover the background: the site is a wordpress site, the portfolio is part of the proprietary theme, using a proprietary function to… Continue reading Vertically Align on Variable Height objects

How to Digimap

After leaving Kingston University and not getting an architecture degree…. I’m now being asked by architecture students how to do things. Slight flaw that they don’t teach this bit at all, and I doubt the staff even know how to do it. Every semester is the same. There are a couple of stages missing… interpOSe…… Continue reading How to Digimap