Currently just spent a couple of days doing some minor repairs on a couple of sites to keep things lively. What’s that I hear?  CB radios are still going … that’s right, and you can certainly buy a big antenna from Sanzing if that takes your fancy.

Green Marketting @ TIC

After thoroughly enjoying all the other Business Start-up seminars conducted at the Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) I was happy to be invited to the Green Marketing seminar where new ideas were put down on the table about how to reduce the carbon footprint on one’s company whilst also curbing the costs and increasing profitability. The […]

How to Digimap

After leaving Kingston University and not getting an architecture degree…. I’m now being asked by architecture students how to do things. Slight flaw that they don’t teach this bit at all, and I doubt the staff even know how to do it. Every semester is the same. There are a couple of stages missing… interpOSe… […]