Workshop – Sports Photography with Splento

Following the success of the last workshop in Newborn Photography, I did last month, I was eager to try something else. This Saturday in The Regent’s Park (London) there was a Race for Life run which we met up to try out different techniques in sports photography.

I hired a Sony 70-200mm f2.8 GM lens from FatLlama for the event which was great! However, I had to return it immediately after as I had a flight to catch to France that afternoon.

New Things to Learn

Unlike the newborn photography course, which I have no shame in admitting, quite frankly: isn’t for me. Sports photography certainly had a lot of technique I was eager to learn. First off: turn the camera portrait, set the focus mode to flexible and locate the focus point upper middle third of the frame… so on and so on. I never realized that there was a hard and fast formula. 🙂

Before long the runners started coming and it was immediate that this is a big undertaking, being squat down snapping away soon becomes painful. I was very glad I had my stool and my mono-pod as some of the others did not, I dread to think what they must have felt after 30 minutes.


Overall there was wastage, I had some focus tracking issues with my Sony a7rii at the beginning, so I eventually had to take face detection off as it was tracking the wrong faces, and had then an improved result.

By Neil

Active professional photographer having worked internationally in Europe and central/north America in fashion, product, food, sport and conference events. WIth a passion for landscape, street and wildlife photography and filmmaking.

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