31st July, 2021

Food Photography in Manchester for Deliveroo

Lately, I have been quite occupied with food photography shooting in the Farnborough area, documenting takeaway food for Deliveroo through Splento.

Having had some hiccups and mostly successes at doing these jobs, I volunteered to complete the 60 remaining restaurants in the Manchester area that were due to be completed for the 8th of May.

While nothing is black and white, I cannot say I managed to get all 60 restaurants booked, frankly, the area was too vast to cover, and then there were photo-shoot rejections, and cancellations at the door and erroneous venues. I’m happy to say that I managed to shoot 40 venues.

Hiccups and Successes

While it is all too easy to make an article about how everything went “well” in the end, there are always mistakes and most of these mistakes lead to successes. For me, I like to focus on the failures.

While a large part of the failures can be attributed to my technical ability, the greatest failures I soon learnt were in a social capacity. Many takeaway establishments are run by non-native English speakers. Additional to this, culturally the guiding logic of said establishment managers did not always align to what Deliveroo wanted for them. Communicating that became the largest part of my job.

Once having the establishment on-board and fully interested in improving their customer appearance. It certainly became quite a lot easier. There were, of course, always exceptions and my threshold of patience certainly got pushed at times.


Overall, there were some great photographs I took while on location. Similarly, there were some abysmal photos taken, it all depends on the rapport with the manager, the space available and the time available. Some locations refused to prepare the food for the photos and insisted on only photographing existing orders, this made for a very rushed and inadequate result. However, all that said, I’m happy with the outcome.

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