Photoshoot – Fencing Tournament with Splento

I accepted a sports photography session with Splento to shoot a fencing tournament at Whitgift School. Having not been to the location before or documented this kind of event before I was unsure of what lens I would need to work with.

Long or Wide?

While I had hired in a telephoto lens from FatLlama for the event, I soon found that 70-200mm was too long for the event as there were too many people standing around in close proximity. I soon changed to my 24-70mm to get a wider angle on the activities.


While the parameters are more thorough from Splento lately, and discussing with the client made the assignment far easier to focus on. I was able to feel more confident in completing this task. Of course, there are things I’d do differently now than I would have done then. But this is all part of the learning curve. Overall, I’m happy with the results.

By Neil

Active professional photographer having worked internationally in Europe and central/north America in fashion, product, food, sport and conference events. WIth a passion for landscape, street and wildlife photography and filmmaking.

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