31st July, 2021

Photoshoot Guildhall

Photoshoot Guildhall

Last night I did Photoshoot Guildhall, with Will White in the city of London near St. Pauls Cathedral.

photoshoot Guildhall

The photographs are not yet delivered to the client. Therefore, you cannot expect to be seeing them. However, the shoot was a very successful event and much was learnt from Will White and his years of experience as a professional photographer.

A little about Will

Last year, Will worked with the British Olympics women’s synchronized swimming team. Although, that’s nothing! He has also worked on countless projects: from video game covers, to bottles of shampoo, and even A-list celebrity portraits.

I was very flattered to be invited to work doing photoshoot Guildhall, simply the invitation was flattering enough, not only was the experience great but much was gained from the experience and I learnt a lot about strobing (working with flash) and working in low light.  Sadly, I cannot tell you any more details about the night, as that would be a spoiler. However, it was a great night out.

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